30 Plus-Size Ladies That Slay Strutting in Style in a Bodycon Dress

Danielle Wauters

Posted on April 06 2018

30 Plus-Size Ladies That Slay Strutting in Style in a Bodycon Dress

Who says that plus-size women can't strut their stuff in a bodycon dress? Designed to hug a woman’s figure, it will definitely show off those womanly curves. And no other ladies have more curves to flaunt than plus-size women. Whether short, knee-length, or long, plus size dresses will suit women of every size and shape. Here are 30 beautiful ladies who prove that anyone can wear bodycon dresses and look amazing in them.

1 - Ashley Graham

This renowned plus-size model and body activist is a perfect example of a woman who can look beautiful and confident in whatever she wears.

ashley graham

Image Source: Stylish Curves

2 - Meghan Trainor

In her “Better When I'm Dancing” music video, this singer looked nothing but stunning in a gorgeous red bodycon dress.

3 - Rebel Wilson

This plus-size actress proves, time and again, that wearing confidence with any plus size dresses will make any girl of all sizes look stunning.

4 - Tess Holliday

This author and plus-size model is definitely not afraid to show some skin. Whether it is sleeveless, cocktail dresses, or any kind of plus-size dress, she knows how to wear it.

5 - Nicolette Mason

Designer and creative consultant, Nicolette Mason is one fashion diva. She’s proven on her Instagram account that can she can rock all kinds of outfits from long skirts to fitting cocktail dresses.

6 - Adele

Whatever plus-size dress she wears, this iconic English singer always manages to look gorgeous whether on stage or on the red carpet.

7 - Hunter McGrady

This sports illustrated swimsuit model never fails to look amazing in her swimsuit, lingerie or any plus-size dress.

8 - Danielle Brooks

Now this beautiful lady proves that weight and skin color does not matter. This Orange is the New Black actress proves that she can look flawless in any outfit.

9 - Chastity Garner Valentine

Fashionista and digital influencer shows on her Instagram account that her big curvalicious body can suit any kind of outfit and swimwear.

10 - Kelly Clarkson

This lovely lady has been captivating the audience ever since the day she won the first season of American Idol and she can a crowd in any gorgeous outfit she wears.

11 - Amber Riley

Glee actress Amber Riley does not only have an amazing singing voice but also a beautiful plus-size body that wears a bodycon dress like a second skin.


Image Source: Stylish Curves

12 - Christina Hendricks

Plus-size Mad Men actress can definitely walk the red carpet in any plus-size dress, especially in a bodycon dress that defines her figure perfectly.

13 - Ashley Nell Tipton

Jewelry designer and Project Runway winner shows how her plus-size body can look good in any outfit, whether it’s jeans, skirts or any plus-size dress.

14 - Carina Behrens

If this plus-sized model can show off her figure in swimsuits and lingerie, what more with plus size dresses?

15 - Tara Lynn

Just like Carina Behrens, this plus-size model can also show beauty and confidence in any plus-sized dress that makes her look like a total bombshell.

16 - Ruby Roxx

When she is not modeling or blogging, this mental health and body plus advocate tells everyone to love themselves no matter their size. She can also strut her figure when wearing lingerie and all kinds of dresses.

17 - Olivia Campbell

Whether it is a swimsuit or a jumpsuit, British plus-size model can really turn up the heat with whatever outfit she wears. It compliments her figure real good too.

18 - Bashamber Das

Serving you Indian and Malaysian beauty, this plus-size model who is raised in the UK can give glamour in any kind of bodycon dress.

19 - Liris Crosse

She is the first plus-size model to win Project Runway and even received the title of being a plus-sized Naomi Campbell. Whether swimsuits or skin-tight dresses, she will always look beautiful in them.

20 - Jezra M.

Being a plus size advocate, blogger and model just like Ruby Roxx, this gorgeous lady also encourages others to love their body and feel beautiful.

21 - Rayna Salcido Alvarez

Another plus-size model who has proved to look good even when shooting semi-nude. She was also featured in Plus Magazine.

22 - Denise Bidot

This Latina and Arab plus-size model was the first from her race to ramp the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. She is also the founder of No Wrong Way movement.

23 - Emme

This plus-size model has been notable since the 90s and has received various titles such as Glamour’s Woman of the Year in 1997. She is also an author of body positive books.

24 - Jennie Runk

This glamorous model became the first plus-sized woman to be part of the H&M’s summer campaign. Looking amazing in swimwear and dresses, she knows how to steal the show.

25 - Lyndsay Patricia

This body positive plus-size Barbie really knows how to wear and look good in swimwear, jumpsuits, and dresses.

26 - Paloma Elsesser

Another example of a glamorous dark-skinned plus-size model. Strutting her stuff in her slacks, she can do much more with bodycon dresses.

27 - Tiffany

Also known as @lacenleopard on Instagram, this fashion influencer is a true queen when it comes to wearing skin-tight dresses.

28 - Lexington

She is a beauty influencer and licensed cosmetologist who puts herself out there with her makeup and outfits that compliment her body size.

29 - Stephanie

Also known as @bellabombshel, she is an actress or model who can totally rock any lingerie or bodycon dress on her Instagram feed.

30 – Caterina Moda

This Canadian beauty shuts down the stigma of body beauty. Whether she wears a simple outfit or a stunning dress, her body makes any outfit look just right!


Image Source: Fabuplus Magazine

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