9 Cute Ways to Ask Your Crush to Prom

Danielle Wauters

Posted on April 09 2018

9 Cute Ways to Ask Your Crush to Prom

Prom season is just around the corner and you're running short of ideas on how to ask someone out to be your escort. This doesn't have to be a problem. There are ways to ensure you don’t spend this part of your life by yourself because you weren't able to pitch your proposal.

How you were asked or asked someone to prom is part of the whole experience. It's just as important as the prom dresses or even the dances themselves. This is why you need to come up with the sweetest promposal ever.

Why don't you check out the cutest ways to ask your date? These ideas can be done by yourself or you can enlist some of your friends to help you pull off the job.


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Here are creative ways for the best prom proposal ever.

Timeless Ideas

Go classic with old-school ideas that still win many "yeses".
  • Spell it out using cut-out letters - Who would be able to say no when you spell out their name with a special question in the end? You can tape the letters on a wall or attach them to the back of your friends if they’re willing to help.
  • Favorite Food Promposal - Order their favorite pizza, burger, or box of donuts, then tape a note on the box or write your proposal down. Didn’t they say the way to a person's heart is through their stomach? You just might get a yes.
  • Flowers, Cupcakes, and Balloons – Make them swoon with some sweet stuff that they usually get on Valentine’s Day. Get the food they love most and give it to them with the dangling question about being your date to prom. Remember to dress in one of your sexy dresses.

Low-Key Ways

No need for fancy preparations. Be simple when you ask the big prom date question.
  • Use Pets to Your Advantage - Make your pet your messenger. Tie a card on their leash that says "be my date?" If they can't resist the pet, most likely they won't resist being your date.

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  • Surprise During Movie Night - Pick out movies that involve prom day. You can even throw hints using photos of homecoming dresses or ball gowns. The perfect proposal if you want something simple.
  • With Pokemon Names - Show your inner geek by arranging the names of six Pokémon as "can you be my prom date." You can then show this to them as a surprise. What better way of saying "I choose you" than Pokémon?

All-Out Surprise

As they say, go big or go home. Step up your promposal with these plans.
  • Flash Mob - Ask the help of your school dance club for this plan. Wait until your crush arrives before starting the dance. End the whole performance with a special question about the date.
  • Big Serenade - Use your sweet voice to sweep them off their feet. Prepare their favorite song or choose a love song that fits your plan. Do it in front of a crowd, or you can do it in with just the two of you around to make it more private and intimate.
  • Mini Prom - Wouldn't it be sweet to ask someone to the prom by setting up your own mini event? You don't have to wear formal dresses when pulling this off. A cute setting with some sweet tune playing as you are asking them out would win their heart.
Take your pick from our ideas above and ask your crush to be your date to the biggest and most romantic night of your high school lives. It's time to wear your short prom dresses and make memories to remember for a long time. Contact RSVP Prom Pageant for the perfect dresses.

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