From Pageant to Prom: Miss Bulgaria Donates Perfect Dress to a Student

Danielle Wauters

Posted on March 20 2018

One of the most exciting time in a person’s life is attending prom. It’s that time where everyone gets to wear fancy prom dresses, looking like they came straight out of a movie or a beauty pageant.

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The same thing could not be said for Zhyra Nicole Cifra, the 15-year old recipient of Miss Bulgaria’s blue two-piece gown that she wore during the 65th Miss Universe competition. Zhyra’s story, however, could very well be a script for a feel-good film.

Violina Ancheva, Miss Bulgaria 2016, addressed her followers on Facebook after the pageant saying she was looking for a Filipino recipient for her dress. On her note, she said “Dear friends, I would like to give as a present my Miss Universe Gown to one of you that really want it and need it. I want to give the dress to a girl in need that can’t buy a dress for her prom the next month.”

As expected, a lot of her followers had responded but it was Zhyra’s mother that Violina luckily picked. On her response, the mother cited her lack of financial sources as her main reason why she finds it hard to get her daughter a prom dress.

Zhyra looked gorgeous on the day of her prom and Violina did not hold back on her excitement on Facebook. She proudly posted her photo wearing the gown right next to Zhyra’s and added the caption “Today is a big day for me! It’s Zhyra’s prom — the beautiful Filipina that was chosen to wear the dress I was wearing on Miss Universe pageant! I am so excited! Good luck, Zhyra! Bulgaria loves Philippines.”

Violina’s pageant dress was the perfect gown that completed Zhyra’s prom night. And what the beauty queen did is proof that prom dresses can come from a fairy godmother without wings and a wand, only a big and beautiful heart.

Looking for the perfect dress for your own prom night?

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The idea of acquiring the best prom outfit can be a challenge but there are easy steps to follow. You just need to know which factors to consider when looking for that one stunning gown.

How to Find the Perfect Dress for Prom

Body Size and Shape

There are different body shapes for different people - hourglass, pear, apple, and more.

When looking for a dress, it is important to think of the cut and whether or not it will look good on you given your shape. Your size also matters because a dress that’s too tight or too loose will have  a different outcome.


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Skin Tone and Theme

Colors matter a lot in fashion. This is why your skin tone should be considered. You should select something that highlights your prominent features and creates an illusion to cover up features you might want to hide.

Also, the color of the dress should not be in contrast to or exactly the same as the party theme. Think of you wearing green with a green screen in the background.

Limitation and Restriction

One should consider party outfit restrictions and personal limitations as well. They should avoid overdressing or underdressing.

A gown that’s too long might be too formal, while a short outfit might look too casual. Knowing what’s allowed and what’s not on a prom night or other events will help you find the right attire.

Whether you are looking for prom or pageant dresses, following the tips listed above will make your search a whole lot easier and fun. Let the dress hunt begin!

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