Get Creative and Ask a Girl Out with These Cute Promposal Ideas

Danielle Wauters

Posted on March 15 2018

Get Creative and Ask a Girl Out with These Cute Promposal Ideas

They say prom is one of the most memorable nights for a high school student, especially for a pageant girl and for someone who’s about to go to college and face a new chapter in life. What makes prom the most magical night is celebrating it with the girl of your dreams. But how will you make this happen?

Prom night is special for girls as it gives them an opportunity to show off their beautiful prom dresses or ball gowns and feel like royalty. But even with this incentive, asking someone to be your date for this special night would still require some work. Even asking your girl out needs some creativity to get a resounding yes and make the event all the more memorable for your girl.

If you are stuck and have no idea how to ask your queen out to prom, here are some cute promposals and creative ways to do it.

Disney-Themed Promposal

Remember that girls love to feel like princesses all dressed up in their homecoming dresses during their prom nights. You should use this to your advantage and turn their fantasy into a reality.

Image Source: Dailymail

If your dream girl is a fan of Disney princesses, this is where you can make a Disney-themed promposal. Take the time to research with how the Disney princes captured the hearts of their princesses. How did Prince Charming find Cinderella? How did the Beast make Beauty fall in love with him?

For instance, you can bring out the glass-enclosed red rose from the Beauty and the Beast Disney movie and pop the question when the last petal falls. Make her feel like a Disney Princess and she will be imagining you in a Tux and her in one of her fine formal dresses.

Say It with Puns

Writing sweet promposal messages on a big canvas or paper has always been a tradition, but if you wish to step up your game, applying witty puns is the answer. You can grab a basket of pears and attach a message to it that says “We make a great pear” or throw in a basketball with a message saying “I would like to take a shot in asking you out to prom”. Girls love guys with humor, so this is where you can get extra creative.

Tempt Them with Their Favorite Food

Is your girl a pizza lover? Have a box delivered to her door with “Prom?” written inside the lid of the box. If she’s a fan of cupcakes, why not use icing or cake decorations to ask her out? You could also use heart-shaped candies with cute messages written on them. Just make sure she gets to read your question and give you a reply before she munches on the food.


Image Source: Smosh

Organize a Flash Mob Proposal

Too shy to ask your dream girl out on your own? This is where you bring your friends in! Girls love twists and surprises, and this is where a flash mob comes in handy. When organizing a flash mob proposal, take note of hiring a photographer and videographer for documentation, and a choreographer for the dance moves. Come up with a creative execution style and play their favorite song. She will definitely appreciate the effort you put in your promposal idea.

There are plenty more ideas you can use to ask a date out to prom. A bonus tip is to get her a gift card for RSVP Prom and Pageant and. Get the execution right and you will have your date for the night.

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