Walking In Heels Like A Pro: Universal Do's and Don'ts

Faith Lucas

Posted on March 06 2018

Walking In Heels Like A Pro: Universal Do's and Don'ts

Whether it’s your first time walking in heels or you’ve been doing it for a while, there’s always improvements that can make your walk look more natural. 


  • Make sure your shoes fit first! If they are too big or too tight you’ll have a much harder time feeling comfortable in them (let alone walking in them)
  • Keep your shoulders back and head up. By not being hunched over you’ll look ten times as confident
  • Walk forward by putting your heel down before your toe
  • Take smaller/shorter steps than you usually would
  • Let your hips swing side to side a little bit
  • Walking on stairs: place the heel and toe on the step at the same time
  • Walking on grass: put more weight on your toe than on the heel



  • Locking your knees
  • Putting your whole foot down at once as if you are in flats
  • Taking long strides

Overall, practice makes perfect. Make your living room or kitchen your runway a couple of weeks before your special day in order to make sure you look like a natural. Check out our selection of heels if you’d like to add to your collection or want to get started!

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