Prom Dresses Do Last Forever: Grandma’s Big Surprise, Seeing Her Dress Worn by Granddaughter

Danielle Wauters

Posted on March 04 2018

Prom Dresses Do Last Forever: Grandma’s Big Surprise, Seeing Her Dress Worn by Granddaughter

When she was young, Cassie received a prom dress from her grandma, Dottie. However, it is not just any dress, but the one Dottie wore to her own junior prom in the 1950s.

Now, like any grandma would expect, Dottie thought that Cassie will just use it to play dress up. Little did she know, Cassie had other plans for it—she stored away her grandma’s dress until the day she would wear it to her graduation. And, so she did!

Asking her family to keep it as a surprise for her grandma, Dottie did not see Cassie wearing her old dress until she visited for the graduation ceremony. When Cassie stepped outside, she revealed herself to Dottie in her grandma dress.

Sure enough, the surprise made Dottie break down in tears. According to Cassie’s aunt on YouTube:

“Needless to say, there were lots of tears from everyone!”

It definitely goes without saying that prom dresses do last forever. So, how could have Cassie made grandma’s dress last forever?

3 Most Probable Ways She Could Have Done It

When it comes to taking care of prom dresses, it involves more than just hanging them in a closet. As for Cassie, she could have taken the following steps to preserve Dottie’s dress for many years.

1. Had it cleaned thoroughly before storing it.

One very important step that one should take before storing a prom dress is getting it cleaned properly based on the cleaning label. Depending on the fabric a dress is made of, it can be machine-washed or dry-cleaned. But mostly, taking it to professional dry cleaners would be the best option, as these people know how to best treat most types of fabric.

By taking this step, Cassie could have removed any stain that could have set in permanently and destroyed the dress.

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2. Place it in an acid-free cardboard box.

When choosing a box for prom or party dresses, it is best to avoid plastic and go for one that is acid-free. As plastic can tear easily, it would expose a dress to moths and contaminants, such as dust. Also, plastic, when sealed tightly, can trap moisture inside and allow mold to grow. Moreover, it would break down over time, and its compounds would adhere to the fabric and damage it. On the other hand, acid-free boxes are breathable and do not have any compound that can harm the fabric.


Image Source: VIP Magazine 


3. Store it in the right place.

Aside from cleaning the dress and placing it inside the right box, Cassie could also have stored it in a cool, dark, and dry space. Basically, this type of space protects a dress from the elements, like extreme temperatures, which could have caused damaged.

So, most probably, these simple tips have helped Cassie preserve her grandma’s prom dress and wear it on the day of her graduation. A prom or a graduation is an exciting time in itself, but Cassie has made hers more memorable by wearing the one Dottie wore to her own junior prom about half a decade ago.

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