When Joining Beauty Pageants Is One of Your Dream Goals

Danielle Wauters

Posted on February 26 2018

When Joining Beauty Pageants Is One of Your Dream Goals

Have you ever thought of becoming a part of a prestigious pageant competition across the country?


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Pageants provide a platform for girls and women who dream of becoming beauty queens. They set examples through friendly competition and open opportunities to participate and be recognized.

Which pageant you join in will depend on your dress size.

Although pageant organizations claim women of all shapes and sizes are accepted, each competition does have a specific system. It is important to note that pageant organizations are a business that caters to and provides a specific brand.

So which event will you fit in?

Miss USA, Miss Teen USA or Miss United States

These events are best for women with dress sizes from 00 to 2. This is because they are looking for girls with figures like a model and are at least 14 to under 19 years old at the time of the competition.

Miss USA has always been toned and slim, what with such figures being the norm. But some contestants do manage to break the mold.

Miss America, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, Miss Earth, and Miss World

If you are anywhere between sizes 00 to 6, you would be welcomed in any of these pageant competitions. The choice of body types has something to do with the swimsuit and fitness portion.


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American Pageants and National American Miss

These and other similar systems prefer contestants in the 00 to 12 and 12 to 24+ dress sizes. The lack of swimsuit competition in National American Miss is one of the reasons plus-size women try their luck in this event.

Formerly known as Miss Teen of America, American Pageants does not have a swimsuit or fitness portion either.

Now that you know you have a chance to compete in beauty pageants regardless of the size of pageant dresses you will be wearing, you should start your preparation.

Getting Started to Living Your Beauty Pageant Dream

Live healthily. Exercise and eating healthy meals build up a better body for stressful pageant competitions. You should start with visiting a nutritionist and learn what is the ideal diet that could help you get the body you need without compromising your health. The slimmer and fitter you get, the more you'll fit in one of those stunning pageant dresses you have seen as a child.

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