Be Prepared to Walk Away with the Dress of Your Dreams!

Natalie Albright

Posted on February 18 2015

Be Prepared to Walk Away with the Dress of Your Dreams!

Here are some tips to prepare you for prom dress shopping that you MUST KNOW before you go! Happy Shopping!

  • Bring your fans!

It’s fun to have your “fans” come shopping with you and watch you try on gorgeous gowns! However, make sure you are bringing the right fans. It’s important to have people with you who are positive and will make good suggestions on styles and colors. So, bring your mom, your sister or best friend! Another tip, try and keep the group small (one or two people, three people MAX). Too many people means too many opinions and that might make finding your dream dress harder.

  • You’d be surprised what you’ll find with an open mind!

Believe it or not, the dress that looks so so on a hanger is usually the one that is absolutely stunning on! I know, you probably don’t believe us. All we can say is, be willing to take advice from your Prom Consultant. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised!

  • Dress for the occasion!

It’s important you come wearing the type of undergarments you will actually be wearing under the dress. The undergarments should include nude colored panties, a strapless or stick on bra, Spanx, or other body slimming hosiery. It is also important to come without jewelry and other accessories that will distract from the dress. Dressing properly for the occasion will give you the best overall look while you're finding the perfect dress! Also, please remember, wearing underwear is a must when trying on formalwear at RSVP, so please come prepared.

  • Shoes are essential!

Make sure to bring a pair of high heels with you when you go dress shopping, even if they are not the pair you will be wearing with the dress. Wearing some sort of heel is essential in completing your entire outfit and it will make all the difference in how great you look! Having heels on will also allow you to check the length of dress. Psst, did you know RSVP Prom and Pageant sells gorgeous shoes too?! Check them out!

  • Let’s Accessorize!

Now that you’ve found the perfect dress, it’s time to accessorize IN that dress! Shopping for the final touches to complete your look is easy at RSVP! Just as with shoes, we carry a variety of jewelry and accessories that will be sure to complete ensemble!

  • Just the right fit!

Want to know a secret? Prom Dresses run small. So, it’s important to know that you can’t expect to try on sizes you would normally fit in. Be prepared to try on an assortment of sizes, especially from designer to designer. But guess what?! No one will see the tag, so choose the size that fits the best!

  • Look no further!

When you've finally found the PERFECT dress, call it quits! We know the options are overwhelming, but if you love it, buy it! Dresses sell out quickly and if someone from your school purchases that perfect dress before you, you will be on the hunt again. So, to avoid this, shop early! RSVP gets Prom dresses starting in December!! Did I hear, “Early Christmas present?!”

  • Our Prom Consultants are YOUR personal shoppers!

The RSVP Prom consultants know every dress in the store and can help you find the right style for your body and your personality. Now, you might not be the type that wants hands on service (I am very much like that), but this is one time I promise you’ll need it! With hundreds of dresses to choose from, you may not pick your ideal dress off the rack the first time, so let us help you find it!

Not to mention, you will get the fabulous personal shopping experience. Your Prom Consultant will zip you up, lace you up, hang your dresses, help you with your shoes, and much more! So, don’t be shy! Tell them what you’re looking for and let them help you find it. They know the dresses the best and you’ll be amazed at what they can find!


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  • Rsvp Prom and Pageant: March 16, 2015

    Hi Taryn,

    We completely understand your frustration! Believe us, we don’t like to have to email you back and potentially lose a sale. However, with prom dress shopping being in full swing right now and orders coming in simultaneously from all over, it is impossible for us to keep up with live inventory. However, when a dress is not in stock, we do send a cancellation email within 24 hours (unless the order came in over the weekend). We would love to help you find the perfect dress… therefore, before actually placing your order, we suggest you send an email to with the style numbers, color and size of dresses you are interested in to which we can respond. Hope this helps and we look forward to hearing from you! :)

  • Taryn Herb: March 14, 2015

    I have tried at least twice if not three times to purchase a dress from here and every time a week or so later I get an email saying the dress I ordered is OUT OF STOCK! ?? I’m a little disappointed at the way you guys go about that process. Customers should be able to see ahead of time if dresses are out of stock or the dresses should be taken down from the site. I hope this changes soon because I love the dresses but prom is approaching very quickly for me and I don’t want to have to worry about a hit or miss purchase anymore and I’m running out of options.

  • Rsvp Prom and Pageant: March 09, 2015

    Hi Kionna,

    Shipping takes between 5-10 business day depending on the dress. Feel free to call or email us if you have specific questions on a dress! You can find the information to contact us the “Visit Our Store” page!

  • Rsvp Prom and Pageant: March 09, 2015

    Hi Kimberly,

    Thank you for the nice comment! We are so pleased that you are happy with your purchase! We hope your daughter has a fabulous time at prom!

    The Rsvp Prom and Pageant Team

  • kionna: March 07, 2015

    it do not tell you when your dress will arrive

  • Kimberly Smith Bradley : March 07, 2015

    OMG blue mermaide dress is amazing on my daughter. I have to admit I was worried about being out of state and online but iris is amazing THANKS

  • Reziey: March 05, 2015

    Ohhh, fun! You know that color me silly wasn’t linked to ayinhtng? Let me know what the link is, I want to add it to my reader, like all the others! And I love that you have carved out various places for yourself. Love love love it!

  • Rsvp Prom and Pageant: February 24, 2015

    Hi Catera,

    If you’d like a deal, please check out our Sale dresses! Otherwise, there are no discounts on our gowns. What size do you need? The Blue Mermaid Prom-Pageant Dress with Sparkling Crystal Beading – 115EC0151180665 is gorgeous! This is a popular dress! Let us know!

  • Catera: February 23, 2015

    Please let me know! you can reach me at 8504643518 or

  • Catera: February 23, 2015

    Hello I was wondering do you guys have any deals on your dresses? Im looking to buy item 115EC0151180665 and another item, i havent made up my mind yet for the other. but i was wondering since im purchasing more than one could i get a discount.

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