HOW TO: Lace Up a Corset Dress

Danielle Wauters

Posted on May 19 2018

HOW TO: Lace Up a Corset Dress

We've created this super easy guide to get you into your dress without stress! Now grab your dress and let’s get started! Corset dresses are a gorgeous option for any event, however, the tricky part is lacing them up.

1. The first step is to zip up any zippers which can be found at the bottom of the corset. Start by clasping the hook and eye clip and then go ahead and zip.

2. Next, if there is a modesty panel, go ahead and clip it into the dress. This will help the gown stay tight while you lace her up. (Depending on your preference, some people prefer to remove this so that they can show off their back.)

3. Next, lace the ribbon into the first two loops at the top, from the inside out.

4. Then, pull both strings until they are the same length.

5. Now, you are going to take the end of each ribbon and lace up the dress like you would a shoe, pulling each string over the other and through the loops. Make sure you lace from the inside out and that you keep the laces as flat as possible.

6. Remember to untwist the ribbon as you lace down the corset. This will make the corset easier to adjust at the end.

7. Don't worry too much about pulling the laces super tight yet. We'll get there!

8. Continue down the corset until the entire corset is laced.

9. Now that we’ve reached the bottom of the corset, tighten the ribbon like you would a shoe. Start from the top and tighten from both ends.

10. Finally, tie the ribbon in a firm bow. After tightening, depending on your preference, you can either tie the ribbon into a pretty bow or tie a knot and push the laces into the dress.


♡ TIP: If you notice that the back is pinched from the corset, just smooth it out by simply pushing the skin outwards.

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