HOW TO: Zip up a Dress (Back Zipper)

Danielle Wauters

Posted on May 19 2018

HOW TO: Zip up a Dress (Back Zipper)

We've created this super easy guide to get you into your dress without stress! Now grab your dress and let’s get started!

1. To start, make sure the dress is on and held in the position where you feel comfortable.

2. Before you start to zip up the dress, make sure that there are no hanger straps or strings in the zipper's way.

3. Attaching the hook and eye first will keep the zipper in a straight line which will make zipping up the dress much easier.

4. Next, slowly start zipping up a dress. If your dress transitions from one material to another, this is where you may need another set of hands.

5. The second set of hands will begin inching the dress as you slowly continue to zip up the zipper

♡ TIP: If you don’t have an extra set of hands, no worries, simply have the person wearing the dress, put their hands on their waist, or where the zipper is “stuck”, and push the dress in. And voila, you’re in!

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