Counterfeit Prom Dresses

Beware of Counterfeit Dresses - Rsvp Prom and Pageant


We know everyone wants to get a good deal on a dress! I mean, who wouldn't be enticed to purchase a gorgeous gown online for half the price?! Well, we're your Fairy God Mother and we're here to save you money and prevent your big night from being ruined. How you ask?

We'll start with a few tips:

    • If the price is too good to be true, it is. The formal wear industry has minimum prices that all retailers are required to maintain. This means that no dress can be sold for less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). If you find the exact same dress on one website for $350 and on another for an unrealistic "discount", the dress is either illegally discounted or it is a counterfeit.
    • Check the contact information for the website you are looking to purchase from. Is there a physical address, phone number, email or online chat? If not, we highly recommend you stay away! I mean, if there is no way of contacting this business, how do you except to confirm your order, shipping status, or worse, get a refund.
    • Are you still not sure if the website you want to buy from is an authorized retailer? We'll let you in on a secret that very few people know. If you go to the designer's website, you will find a full list of authorized retailers that are approved to sell that designer's dresses! Usually you can find this information under the "Where to Buy" section. This is the best way to ensure you are purchasing a real designer gown! Who knew it was so easy?!
    • Finally, if you see our name or images on another site, such as AliExpress or Alibaba, please know that they are most likely a Chinese retailer and are illegally using our Copyrighted images and content. We only operate under If you have encountered these websites, please email us at, so we can report them to Google and take the legal action necessary to avoid this in the future. 
So next time you see a "great deal" on a beautiful dress from that knock-off website, just remember:
    • There are no customer service reps to help you.
    • It is almost impossible to take legal action against these overseas knock-off companies.
    • You have a high chance of identity theft by providing your personal information and your credit card number to a fraudulent seller.
    • You'll end up spending more money on another dress if the one you ordered from the knock-off website is a total dud or doesn't arrive on time, or worse, not at all! (See, we told you we'd save you money and save your big night!)
    • If the dress you ordered from the knock-off website arrives, it usually looks nothing like the picture, not to mention, they usually don't fit properly, are a different color, have faulty zippers, made with cheap material, and are sown off center and uneven. You definitely don't want your beautiful sleeved dress to have one sleeve longer than the other.

So, Cinderella, is it really worth all the trouble and headache of possibly having to go through all the things we listed for just a couple of dollars? Yeah, we don't think so either. So take a look, you can find us listed as an authorized retailer on all of the designer's websites we carry and on Top Prom. Just look for the seal!